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Default Re: Al Sharpton: "This is not about distroying Imus' career"

Originally Posted by Amigo
That's why I pointed it out. It's called sarcasm.

Contrary to what some believe Imus got fired for using the word "ho*s". If he would have stopped at "nappy headed" he would still have a job. His mistake was using that term (ho*es) directed towards college students. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton only wish they had the power to get someone like Imus fired. They couldn't get someone fired from Mc Donalds let alone Imus. The NOW (National Organization for Women) organization however DO have the power to get his sponsors to drop him and they did. Once the money goes, of course Imus goes. I mean think about it, the NRA and NOW are the 2 most powerful lobbyist organizations in this country. You dont piss either one of them off. For goodness sake the NOW got abortion legalized.
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