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Default Re: Aren't the "Occupy" people basically just giant IRS bitches?

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
A free market solution to national defense will run into the free rider problem with the minority paying for the security enjoyed by the majority. Not sure I've seen a convincing solution to the problem.

Not only that:

But Joe everything that you rail against would end up happening anyway. I mean I may be misunderstanding what you're saying but taxation would happen without a government too, so long as you expect to continue to live in an advanced society like we do now (and not revert to a rural village life).

There are necessities to life as we know it now, and while it may start out as a more free open market, over time it will consolidate into fewer and fewer sources. Specialization (which again allows us to live as we do now) means we'd have to pay for services no matter what. So who'd you have to pay?

Lets say you need protection. So you have to pay for police services. If you don't pay there is a threat of violence because you have no protection. So you pay a privatized security force. Well... it's pretty much a tax. Now you would think that having it privatized may create competition, but since security is something that takes a large conglomerate of cooperating people, it would actually make more sense if it was monopolized, at least at a county level.

Not only that but NOT paying would actually cause crime rates to increase. So as a precaution, and for the betterment of the society as a whole the payment could very well become mandatory.

The same would be true for many other basic services. Whether paying a corporation or the government it will gravitate towards a model like the one we now practice. This makes it easier, and betters the society as a whole. Now could there be more accountability in the allocation of funds? Sure I think we'd all be for that.
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