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Default Re: Aren't the "Occupy" people basically just giant IRS bitches?

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
A free market solution to national defense will run into the free rider problem with the minority paying for the security enjoyed by the majority. Not sure I've seen a convincing solution to the problem.

I have. The free rider problem is not unsolvable by any means. You just need to have an imagination.

How do we get people to leave tips for waiters and waitresses? Is there a law that requires it? No. We do it through social pressure. Because if you don't tip, people consider you a cheapwad. Rude. And you feel shameful when you return to that restaurant.

In the same way, social pressure could be used to get people to pay up for defense.

Those who DON'T pay, will be considered cheapwads. Free riders. Socially unacceptable. The defense companies can take advantage of that. In an almost infinite number of ways. Just use your imagination.

-Have an online list of every local citizen who has not paid say, 100 bucks towards defense in a given year.
-Run commercials making free riders look like outcasts.
-Give out bumper stickers/shirts/hats to those who donate.Make people proud to have donated to their areas defense!
-Give special perks to those who donate. Say, donate 200 dollars a year and we'll install an alarm system in your home.

Local businesses could participate. Say you buy a bunch of clothes from JC Penny's. You get to the front desk, and the clerk asks if you'd like to donate 5 bucks to defense. In return, the defense companies sell memorabilia to JC Penny for cheap. Or installs alarm systems in their store.

And this is just one suggestion I heard from one guy. Who knows what entrepreneurs on the free market would think of? There are an infinite number of ways to solve the free rider problem. It wouldn't be much of a problem at all, in my estimation.

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