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Default Re: Stoudemire will start when he returns, says Woodson

Originally Posted by franchize
I totally agree with you Rameek. Everyone is quick to want to bring him off the bench. As someone who's had back problems almost all my life, including scoliosis, I fel where you are coming from. Warming up, then sitting, and then trying to get back to full speed is extremely tough to do. My back was great while I was playing. It was when I had to stop is when it would stiffen up...and let me tell you, it's some of the most debilitating pain you'll ever feel in your life. It's the same reason why guys with groin injuries get on the stationary bike.

I think the best option isn't to bring him off the bench. I think what mike should do is start him and sub him in and out often. Instead of playing him a long stretch, then sitting him for a long time, then playing him. Let him play 6 minutes to open the game, sit him and let him ride the bike or jog in the tunnel, then bring him back for another short time when you take Melo out, and keep doing that all game. It's not like Jeffries really needs any kind of rhythm to do what he does on the court. I think a big key will be if we can get him in some regular season games to figure all of this out.

insightful post.
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