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Default Re: Buzz builds that Colts could take Griffin

Originally Posted by Da KO King
'Skins fans are delusional. I've learned over my years living in the DC-area not to debate with you guys. Simply state my point, hear your rebuttal, then agree to disagree.

That said, I will my add final two thoughts on Griffin's fit. The pass tree that Baylor used is basically all deep/outside the numbers stuff. The 'Skins do mostly intermediate/inside the numbers. That's an adjustment that will take time.

Also, I keep hearing people talk about Griffin doing a bunch of boot and roll type stuff, yet it wasn't a MAJOR part of his success at Baylor. why is everyone saying that he needs those plays to succeed?

That's a very good point. It is different as far as tangible evidence but the guy is very accurate and works hard so I'm not worried about it. Scouts do their HW and can formulate an accurate hypothesis without seeing somebody run a specific offense.

Fact is, regardless of whether or not you dislike inner city Skins fans for whatever reason, most intelligent people can see that Griffin is a great fit for the offense run by the Redskins. Your personal biases may employ you to be a contrarian but those that know both parties well do not have doubts about his skillset in D.C.


Huge fan of Luck and had a lot of fun 'scouting' his college career.

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