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Default Re: SAS takes on Ryan Clark

Originally Posted by Rasheed1

I been watching football since since Buddy Ryan was the coach of the Eagles in the 80s... been watching football since before some of these kids who post here was born..

Ryan Clark is not the threshold of football knowledge... you gotta be kidding me .. lol

you comment would make some sense if we were talking Troy P... Or Ed Reed or somebody like that

there is 30+ teams in the league. you wont know all the all players at every position unless you have no life..

Nah, knowing the important players on great defenses is pretty much expected if someone is a big time football fan I'm not the authority on such subjects, don't make the rules, just my opinion

It's alright, I'm not bashing you. I guess you just aren't die-hard about the modern NFL. We're not talking about the starting safety on the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is an important player who has battled in many playoff games and on primetime.

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