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Default Re: SAS takes on Ryan Clark

Originally Posted by GOBB
Ryan Clark only started in Wash because Matt Bowen went down with injuries. Same Matt Bowen Wash signed to be their starter. When I hear Ryan Clark? I see Pitt Steelers. His playing days in Wash and with NYG arent memorable. But you can pretend they are. I'll be back to spray this thread with Febreeze.
I'm not saying they were rememberable, I'm just saying he used to be in the NFC East...the place that Sheed claims:
I pay close daily attention to the NFC and the NFC East specifically

I didn't even say anything about me knowing him myself

I can say "Clark played in the NFC East"...and there is GOBB to start talking about assholes again ...there is literally NOTHING I can say that won't make you bring up assholes, assholes account for 90% of your arguements with me
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