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Default Re: Who do you think will be returning? by Jared82

My view on things

Melo- no brainer
Chandler- like you said, if we can get Dwight. Or if we got Deron Williams and could get Dalembert, I'd do it.
Amare- I said previously theres only 3 guys I'd consider trading him for. Dwight, Josh Smith, or LaMarcus Aldridge. Looking back on things, Josh and Woodson had beefs at times in ATL. I forgot that. Therefore, I'd only trade Amare for Aldrige or Dwight. My dad posed a trade yesterday. He said would I do a Stoudemire and Shumpert for Deron Williams trade. Im not sure. I would trade Amare for Deron straight up though.So I guess that makes 3 players. Howard,Aldridge or Deron
Fields- As a bench player for cheap? Yea. If he asks for anything over 1.5, he can kick rocks.
Lin- I said it before. He's not getting my MLE. Sorry. If teams want to overpay for this kid, go right ahead. I'll welcome him back but at a reasonable price.
Shump- without question. There would have to be a lucrative trade that he's a piece of. You don't find defenders like him often at such an early stage of their career.
Baron- No thanks. Not even for the Vet min. I think the thing that pisses me off more than his health is the fact that he makes rookie mistakes still. Too many TO's for my taste.
Douglas- If ANYONE wants this guy for anything, he's outta here. I'd trade him for a cheese pizza. Not even any toppings. I'd do the ole "traded for cash considerations" in a heart beat lol. I wish somehow we could get a
2nd rounder out of someone for him.I still can't believe we gave him an extension. That was all Antoni's doing IMO.
Smith- This one's the tricky one. He has a player option I believe. If he picks that up...GREAT! I find it hard to believe he will though.
Novak- for all his 3 point prowess, he really gives you absolutely nothing else. I can't see myself giving a quality salary to a guy who only brings one thing to the table. I say he gets the same as what I offered Fields.
Jorts- I've been saying he's a waste of time since he became a Knick and he's done nothing to make me feel otherwise.
Jeffries- If I did bring him back, he'd be a last minute signing and of course he's getting the vet min. No question.
Bibby- He could play for free...Better yet, he could pay US the vet min and I wouldn't re-sign him.No way, No how should Mike Bibby be in a Knicks jersey next year.

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