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Default Re: Who do you think will be returning? by Jared82

Originally Posted by Rameek
I dont think they will settle for it. Why eat up cap space for Stat? Doesnt make sense. I think they would go in another direction for sure but it wont be to settle for Pseudo-Star, uninsured, bad eye, bad back, bad knee, max player like Stat.

I dont think people understand the financial cow that is Lin. He isnt going anywhere. For basketball reasons DWill is a great acquisition but money in Dolan's pocket Lin all day.

You can book this next season Melo, Lin, Stat, Chandler, Shumpert will be on this roster everyone else is pretty much a crap shoot.

I perfectly understand the Lin financial ramifications. I also get that Deron will sell Jerseys and merch too when he's dropping 20+ for more than just a few weeks. Lin won't get traded for anybody average. It's going to take a star for him to go. I have no problems with that. The NBA is a business. But if you have the opportunity to trade him and get Deron in return, and you don't take it, then you're just showing you'd rather lose and make a few extra million then give your team a chance to be contenders. That's some real NY Jets stuff right there
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