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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

Originally Posted by rezznor
AA/TPTWP? Who is he or she? some people think it's Jon Snow, but I haven't seen enough evidence to suggest so.

Aegon: real or fake? I think he's fake

Dany's house of undying visions
haven't the visions been accurate for the most part?

I think he's a blackfyre myself. The paper dragon from the visions

What is the stone beast from the visions.. and something about a burning tower. Some think it's a dragon from dragonstone. or something from the wall or winterfell.. I think the stone beast is Jon Connington (greyscale and griffon both could be the stone they are referring to and beast obviously the griffon) and the burning tower will be when they take storms end or something along those lines.
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