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Default Re: Knicks future at PG remains uncertain

I'm sorry but I still feel this is priority for us in the offseason. I'm not completely sold on Lin just yet, and Baron & Bibby are just terrible. Dougie isn't even worth an explanation. So as of now we only have 1 descent PG going into next year and Lin is gonna be a FA!!! I really hope we remedy this situation ASAP. This will be Grunweld's first real test as official GM. I hope he gets us a established PG as a "backup" to Lin, but should be able to take over the starting spot should Lin-Sanity fail early next season.

According to ESPN... These PG's are all FA's this offseason whom I believe are better then Lin, but could be signed as his backup until we need them to step up:

Kirk Hinrich
D.J. Augustin
Jason Kidd
Jason Terry
Andre Miller
Goran Dragic
Chauncey Billups
Mo Williams
Ramon Sessions
Gilbert Arenas
Eric Gordon
Jameer Nelson
Lou Williams
Jamal Crawford
Raymond Felton

Lin or no Lin either of these 2 would start:
Deron Williams
Steve Nash

These guys are just descent backups:
Mike James
Aaron Brooks
Derek Fisher
Nate Robinson
Earl Boykins
Delonte West
Keyon Dooling
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