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Default Clippers Playoff Avatars 2011/2012: "Lob City" Theme! (SEE INSIDE FOR INFO)

Hey guys,

I know NBA4Ever has made us some nice looking avatars but I really wanted to personalize our look as it's our first time in the playoffs in 6ish years. Some of you might love it, and some of you might hate it but I think the underlying theme of the year was undoubtedly "Lob City". I went with that when making these avatars for you guys... again, you absolutely do not have to wear them but I felt like making some shit exclusive for us so here you go.

This avatar here is for the bandwagon fans that will undoubtedly join us through our unholy crusade through the playoffs:

Bandwagon Avatar:

Now that that's out the way, here are the players:

Blake Griffin:

Chris Paul:

Deandre Jordan:

Mo Williams:

Randy Foye:

Caron Butler:

Kenyon Martin:

Chauncey Billups:

Donald Sterling:


Since you can only add 10 images per post, know that I'll be adding more by tomorrow so we've got a healthy selection of choices for everybody. I'm not really happy with how some of them turned out, so I'll probably fine tune them and update later but feel free to use whatever is up right now.

**** IMPORTANT ****

If you have requests, please feel free to post them here!
If you want a certain player for your avatar just let me know and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Hope you guys have as much fun wearing them as I do making them.

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