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Default Re: The Official New York Knicks vs Miami Heat 1st Round Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Here comes Scooter conveniently to kick the Knicks when theyre down. I know you were salivating, especially since Melo played bad. Lebron guarding Melo is a mismatch for the Heat? Where were you when he dropped 42?... The most a player has scored on the Heat all season. Everyone relax. Its one game. Melo, Chandler, Shumpert all banged up at some point in the game. I actually saw Shumpert holding his knee before that play happened. I just would like to see us settle down and play smart, mistake free basketball. The result at this point is secondary. We played way too wound up. Melo especially. Thats why all his shotsbwere too strong. If i was Woodson, the 1st thing I would say to my guys in the locker room is "so what?" Its glorified because its a blowout but at the end of the day, its still just one loss.

He conveniently goes missing when the Knicks play well, but now that the Knicks get blown out, he is all over here.

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