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hi guys i come from biella, the place where sefolosha has played during the last year. i'm sure he's going to be a great player, maybe a specialist of the difense..he can play four roles and can difende almost against the last year he had always to difende against the strongest man of the opposite team and he didn't mind if he was a guard or a forward.. he always did a great job..he is also a good rebaunder and passer and even if he's still not a good shoter he never misses a shot when it's important to score. He really have to improve his ball-handling but he can already play some minutes as a PG. I 've never seen Carney so i can't say wether paxson has made the right choice or not..they are two different palyer and it depends on what you really need.. anyway remember that Carney has played against 20 old years non professional guys, Thabo has played against player like Dejan Bodiroga.
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