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Default Re: Database of Rare And Interesting NBA Player Measurements

Originally Posted by bwink23
This guy is Martell Webster, i doubt his hands are bigger than Jordan's.

your focusing too much on hand length. At least according to that graph, Jordans hands are not only longer than Kobe's by almost an inch but they are much much broader in appearance. Stretched out his thumb to pinky might be 2 full inches longer than Kobe's thumb to pinky measurement. I'm not saying the source is or isn't correct it's just something worth noting. If the source happens to be wrong, the error would be in the sillhouette of Kobe's hand size as Jordans have been cited by more than 1 source to be between 9 3/4 to 10 in length. Don't underestimate how much hand breadth contributes to the appearance of hand size
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