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Default Re: Database of Rare And Interesting NBA Player Measurements

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
I'd say the LA times has the sillhouettes pretty accurate - just because 1 dimension (length) looks closer than you'd expect doesn't mean Jordans hands wouldn't be visibly much larger in person, we're talking about a 3 dimensional object here not 1 dimensional. Using cubed law, if Jordans hands were 10% longer, and let's say 10-15% wider - plus 10% thicker than his hands would look 30-35% more massive than Kobe's. That sound about right to you? His hands might even be 15-20% wider for all I know which would mean up close and in person his mits would look 40% bigger to the naked eye. Length doesn't tell the whole story, and ~9 inches for Kobe sounds about right for his hand length anything less would mean he has small hands for an NBA player his size. His hands aren't small, they just look small compared to MJ's

That's at least an inch longer.
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