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Originally Posted by EoJ
My biggest fear on the bball court is this happening to me Saw it happen to some poor white guy once and he got laughed off the court.
Yeah, I'm a total hypocrite. I don't think it should be a big deal, yet I love when I'm able to pull it off (or to get a guy to wobble). The mob mentality reactions remain irritating to anyone who did not complete the action though. My friend had his foot stepped on by a ballhandler, leading to a fall, and people went wild despite his fall clearly not being a result of the cross. I sarcastically made fun of him afterword, but I acknowledged the lameness of it all.

Originally Posted by CeltsGarlic
Guess who finally did a legit ankle breaker?? ME! Me with my awful handles managed to do it! I was one on one with some noob who was slow and fouled a lot, I did a quick first step at around 3pt line, made a couple steps and did a step back between the legs and dude just fell on his a$$ . What is more I even nailed the jumper after, even tho my mid jumper is average at best. Felt like a god damn hero after! Made 4 in a row 3s in that game too. One of the best days(basketball wise) in my life.
Nicely done. Always feels good to hit the subsequent shot.
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