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Originally Posted by J Miles 23
i say let him he was really good in terms of scoring but i really didn't like the fact that he kept the ball during late game situations...and took dumb shots trying to be the hero...he needs to learn to dump it down to Bosh

He constantly spoiled his overall performances by his play in the final minutes. In the end it's not the stats that count, but if they win or lose... and there's the argument that he kept the raps alive during games, and maybe so, but other's would have stepped up if he wasn't there.

A perfect scenario would be to have him come off the bench and score in bunches, then yank him EVERYTIME there's about 3 minutes left in the game. It drove me mad on the last posessions of games, Bosh and everyone standing around, while James tries and fails to pull off a Jordan.

Having him come off the bench will never happen, and he will ask for way too much, so we got to let him go, or at least sign and trade him
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