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Default Re: Philippine Basketball Association Thread

Originally Posted by Baller1986
They are legit Filipino citizen, Joe Devance mom is a Filipina while Rob Reyes is a pure Filipino. By the way Rob Reyes is the nephew of former PBA player Eric Reyes.

yah, i know he's the nephew of Eric Reyes. but that doesn't mean that he's a filipino. what if he's already an american citizen? and, what's the reason for their absence in the PBL despite having a good conference there? Devance is the MVP i think 2 conferences ago while Reyes was an important part of the champion harbour team.

and i think, no team will draft Reyes at number 2 or in the first round. there are plenty big men way better than him, who has outside shooting and has foot work. Reyes is much like Sam Ekwe of San Beda. Belga, Bono, Aljamal, Kramer, and Quinahan are some of the big guys that will be drafted ahead of Reyes if he decides to turn pro.
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