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Default Re: Philippine Basketball Association Thread

10.Douglas Kramer (Red bull), it is obvious that the Redbull management will select this 6-4 forward from Ateneo. With half of the lineup coming from Katipunan, I think this will be a reunion of some sort.

fyi, red bull doesn't have a first round pick this year. red bull traded its 2006 & 2007 first round pick to alaska for rich alvarez. they cannot get Intal and Kramer in the second round because they are 1st round locks. but if they really want a dimwit atenean(sorry, redundant) they can draft macky escalona which can surely help their back court. red bull really needs a point guard. but, when this happens, another atenean will lose his spot and that is membrere who can't even bring down the ball and always commit turnovers. one of the worst pick in the 2006 draft.
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