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Default Re: 2012/2013 and beyond: how can the Knicks improve?

Originally Posted by redrich2000
The Mavs would seem to need to make a lot of moves to be competitive next season, surely he'd see more potential teaming with Melo than Dirk at this point?

And if the Nets have a choice between Amare and no one...

Actually the Mavs still have a pretty good roster. If they can find themselves a legit center they will be a contender next season. They would have been able to beat OKC with Chandler at center.

Dallas is Deron's hometown and Cuban is a players owner. Why would he want to share the ball with ballhogs and malcontents in Amare and Melo? If Dallas can get Deron with a legit center they will be a contender next year, anything is possible when they have a true superstar(Dirk)
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