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Default Re: 2012/2013 and beyond: how can the Knicks improve?

Originally Posted by Rowe
Deron has to want to sign with the Knicks & the Nets will have to want that package back. Thats why I'm saying it wouldn't happen on either side.

-Why would Deron sign with the Knicks over re-signing with the Nets or signing in Dallas?

-Why would the Nets trade Deron for an "injury-prone" PF who's due $64 Million and is the laughingstock of the same town?

Just being even keeled on the scenario, but I'd love to see it happen.

Speaking objectively, if i was a Free Agent, I'd rather be on the Knicks than play in Dallas or the Nets if I'm signing a long term contract.

The Nets have a young roster with good bench players but huge holes in the starting lineup. Furthermore, unless they got a top 3 pick, they won't have a draft pick this year. So basically, they're the Knicks before they got Melo and Chandler. One star (Deron) and cap room. They don't have players of Gallo and Chandler's caliber except Brook Lopez, but he's coming off injuries.

With Dallas, they have Dirk who is a prolific scorer n on of the best players in the league. But he is also 33 years old, already has his ring, and if you have problems with Melo's inconsistent D... He makes Melo look like Darrell Walker.

Either way, I didnt say it's likely. I just said it isn't as farfetched as people are making it out to be. It actually wouldnt be that bad of an idea,especially for Brooklyn/NJ as a last resort. And we all know teams nowadays like to hold out until the last midnight hour to try and get the very best deal possible.

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