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Originally Posted by Go Getter
Let's make a bet. I'm sure no respected ISH or Bulls poster would agree with you. Luc was slow as shit.
This is why I dislike debating things that happened 20 years ago with someone who was probably born yesterday.

What I meant about Longley, if it wasn't clear, is that he ran the floor well for someone of his height and size. I did not say he was the freaking flash, or that he had elite-level speed.

If you're comparing him to other Bulls centers of his era, I would say that he was more mobile than either Cartwright or Wennington. Both of them, I would consider flatfooted and slow.

I have a bunch of old Bulls games, and have noted more then once that Longely was much quicker and more mobile than people give him credit for. Obviously, some posters here think he was some kind of stiff, but I don't agree.

Watch some old Bulls games, or look at some YouTube clips. You might be surprised.
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