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Default Re: Royce White is a Charles Barkley clone

Originally Posted by Scoooter
Saw him in the tourney. I iked his game. He was the best ball handler on the team as a 6'7"-ish power forward (though he could be 6'5" for all I know). It seemed like he was bringing the ball up court more than their PG.

A really good ball handler and passer for a guy his size. Fast too. Works hard on the glass. Physical presence, and reports are he's closer to 6'8" than 6'6".

Raw offensive game. He won't dominate NBA athletes in the paint like he did in college. Lousy shooter; under 50% from FT line. Not a good thing for a guy who spends lots of time at the line.

He's a bit of a risky pick. For all his athleticism, his conditioning hasn't been great. Though he's only a sophomore, he'll be 21 by draft time. Guy hates flying and suffers from anxiety disorder. Has had some behavioral issues, though none recently.

Late first round imo.
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