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Originally Posted by hawkfan
Hopefully the Hawks get Tinsley, which I think may happen.

Harrington wants to go to Indiana; the Pacers want to get rid of Tinsley; the Hawks could use another point guard.

I think the Hawks are out of the running for one of the top centers, but maybe they can sign a Kelvin Cato or Scot Pollard as a back up at a reduced rate.

IMO Kelvin Cato and Pollard would not be that big of an improvement over Zaza. Plus if we were to do a sign-trade with Harrington, hopefully we would get a player with more talent than Pollard or Cato. Lastly those players dont fit in with the athletic, fast, and hard working mentallity the Hawks are trying to build. I could see us getting Dalemberet or Chandler from CHI.
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