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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Finished the Witcher 2. It was great. The universe is very refreshing compared to other story driven games that fall a bit more in the hollywood style of storytelling. Bioware and Rockstar go for the same type of more "mature" and more serious storytelling, but they have always fallen short in my opinion. Too much stereotyping, flat characters, too many weird inconsistencies in the story, weird choices.

The characters in Witcher are just must more refined, more human. There is an interesting duality to them and they are all a different shade of grey morally, it makes them more realistic. Even your friends have their flaws, even your enemies have their positives. The choices you make are real choices, not just a simple "light side/darkside" choice. Even the more moral choices can have real grim outcomes, and you can always make convincing arguments why either choice would be more appropriate. It's strange how such a small team can really nail this part of storytelling compared to the big dogs.

I will play through it again, because there is a very significant portion of the game you'll miss if you only play it once. But also, Binary Domain will arrive in the mail tomorrow, excited to try that out too it seems fun.
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