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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Found fastest sneak/weapon glitch leveling in game. Never seen anybody talk about it so I'll share. Rather than escorting Ralof or Imperial guy to their home after intro of game... in the cave where you're escaping dragon stop at the part where you gotta sneak passed bear. Whoever your escort is will stay crouched and stay close to you. Stand anywhere you want... crouch and start swinging on him.

It's twice as fast as other glitches because regular attack won't make him turn on you and attack you. In his house you have to power attack to prevent him attacking you.. which takes twice as long.

It's easy too because I box him against a wall facing away from me and just slash him up. Got to 80 stealth EXTREMELY fast.

Another bonus of non power attack is that his health lasts longer so this method is even quicker.
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