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Default Re: So... Wth are we going to do during offseason to make sure this won't happen again?

Originally Posted by Go Getter
I love it how guys wait until trouble starts to start dogging our guys. They've played hard for us (the real fans) all year and gave us a lot to root for. Just because we've had a rash of bad luck injuries doesn't mean you abandon and/or berate your team.

Of course the management should be on a never ending quest to make the team better, but don't overreact and start blaming people for sprained ankles and busted knees.

It's not logical or loyal.

You're the same type of idiot who wouldn't trade Noah for Dwight Howard because Noah is a team guy and he loves the Bulls. Please, enough with this shit. You can still be a fan of a team and point out their problems. The major problem is that other than Derrick Rose this team doesn't have a true superstar player and they're going nowhere without one. Once Rose goes down like he did in these playoffs it's just obvious how much the Bulls need someone like Dwight Howard.

It's funny how two great seasons makes people on here all of a sudden get ADD and forget how shitty this organization has been run since the Jordan era. Next thing you know you'll be claiming that John Paxson was a great GM.

Yeah, tank next season... there's an idea. Rather than you know try and improve this current team through trades and signings? Sign a point guard who can replace Rose until he comes back and offer anyone but Rose to the Magic for Dwight Howard.

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