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Default Re: So... Wth are we going to do during offseason to make sure this won't happen again?

I don't think people are turning heir backs on the Bulls players, more like seeing the real truth.

God forbid if something like this were to happen again and Rose gets hurt, we now know that we don't have the guys that can step it up in his absence. Deng, yea he's been hurt but it seems like he hasn't even tried since Rose went out. I'd rather him shoot it 19 times then CJ. Booz, just made some terrible mistakes, played well but only now he decided to show up, he was Awol in the first 3 games. I give it to Noah and Gibson, they showed up.

We just need to acquire more offensively skilled players. Mayo, jr, he'll even lin. People that can create for themselves and possibly others.
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