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DeMarre Carroll

All indications are he will return to the Jazz next season, and Carroll said Utah informed him they'll pick up his option.

No brainer. Wonder if that affects Howard at all? I'd welcome him back to at the right price.

Derrick Favors

Favors said he finally feels like he's in the NBA. He wants to be a starter next year, take his career to the next level and do everything possible to succeed.
After his exit meeting, Favors spoke with Jazz General Manager Kevin O'Connor and Corbin about starting for the Jazz next season.

Changes coming!

Raja Bell

Bell does not expect to return to Jazz next year.

Bell hopes the Jazz do the right thing and move him before the 2012-13 season. He was open to it before the trade deadline but never asked for trade.

Bell said Corbin was "unprofessional" at the end of the season. According to Bell, Corbin made things personal by playing everyone in the playoffs except for him and it was obvious.

Bell said if he's still on Jazz at the start of next season "we'll cross that bridge" then.

Bell said NBA referees and San Antonio coaches/players asked why he wasn't playing during the playoffs. They never understood what the Jazz were doing.
Bell wanted to move on after his March confrontation with Corbin and thought the Jazz were going to, since they publicly said they would. Bell said Utah was two-faced and Corbin obviously punished him for the remainder of the year.

Bell said there were times this season he didn't know he was active until he was informed pregame by the media.

C.J. Miles

Miles said the team was put off by Al Jefferson's pre-Game 4 comments about no one beating the Spurs in the playoffs and San Antonio being better than Utah.

Miles loves the Jazz, the team's fans and thinks Corbin will evolve. But he never knew what was expected of him this year.

Miles said communication was much better with former coach Jerry Sloan, and Corbin has struggled relaying his message to team.

Miles: "I don't even remember us naming a captain, but they wanted leadership."

Miles wanted to play in Game 4 but said he wasn't allowed to.

Miles said he's not the type of person to speak out but he couldn't hold back anymore. He spent a long time with the Jazz, always did what the team asked of him and wanted the situation to work. But he felt the Jazz didn't treat him right this season and couldn't hold his tongue.

Raja was a Sloan favorite too. Another sign of the change that's happened. It's official! CJ and Raja gone.

Devin Harris

Harris is "excited" to enter a contract year. He knows he started slowly and didn't initially play well this season. But he feels like he found his game at end of year.
Harris acknowledged communication with Corbin has been an issue. Harris said his relationship with Corbin improved as the season went on and he thinks Corbin will figure things out over time.

The game he found is better suited elsewhere. Package deal: Harris/Jefferson/Bell/possibly Watson and or Tinsley(depending on other moves)?

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