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Default Re: Legit Websites For Shoe Ordering

Thanks hateraid. I bought the pair...Reason I haven't posted as much is cause it was hard for me to get out of the game...I'm paying college fees, rent, all that good stuff and so I rarely have time to update the shoe collectiong. I had to leave cause Quickstrikes became a monthly thing and the retros made people think the OGs I wore were fakes. It got to me, and it was about time to stop. Once I begin to get stable again with my life, I'll get back into the collecting business...figured I need atleast one link to my childhood.

I'll try to post when I can, but I haven't been on NikeTalk, scouring Niketowns and talking to my friends about it in forever. Good looks on the XIVs...They've been staring at me all yesterday and I just cave in and bought them. XIVs and XIIIs are like my achilles heel. XIs are classic, but I always loved the XIVs and XIIIs more..
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