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Default Re: Andre Miller A.K.A. Richard Pryor The Most Underrated?

Originally Posted by TheBluest
You must hate that whole 2001-2002ish or whatever it was Clippers team. Look they all made an exodus for more dinero it happens. He's always been solid wherever he's played and has played hard when on the court.

I've hated him since that. We traded a promising piece in Darius Miles for a guy who from day 1 had a bad attitude about playing for the Clippers and threw in the towel. Then he badmouth the franchise on multiple occasions. As I said he can eat a dick. He's easily the most hated Clipper of all time right next to Elton Brand. It's sad because I molded my game after his and LOVED him. I thought he was going to be a savior of sorts for us. He let me and Clippers fans down in a heartless way.
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