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Default Will Dark Knight Rises break Avengers recently set box office record?

Thoughts? Just read this very interesting article/insight and got me thinking.

People are hyping up Avengers record but remember Dark Knight as article says is a much more mature film and parents are far less likely to let kids see it. Then you factor in that 3D was available for Avengers, which none of Batman movies offer. Both of which factor GREATLY into sales.

Think Rises can overcome lack of young kids+lack of 3D to re-set the record? I think it will break the record TBH. Mainly because I think hundreds of millions world wide missed DK in theaters only to hear hype and watch later, realizing it was one of the greatest movies of all time. They won't let that happen again. Everybody is going to see Dark Knight Rises.

BTW newest trailer looks A LOT better than other ones I saw. They may be using the camera angle trick for Bane because in one particular clip he looks a lot bigger than Christian Bale. If they can pull it off without CGI I'm all for it.
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