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Default Re: Will Dark Knight Rises break Avengers recently set box office record?

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
There's no way it makes up 30 million, when it has half the hype of the 2nd one and a villian/actor that casuals will not get excited for. The internet and media in general was in a frenzy for months leading up to the release of DK due to Heath's death and his virtuoso performance as the Joker.

you may be right, i am definitely not an expert when it comes to predicting how a movie is going to do in the box office.

that said, from what i can tell, the hype for DKR is much greater than the hype for Avengers. no doubt heath was the reason that DK shot into the stratosphere. im thinking that due to the success of DK, and the sheer popularity of batman and power of the brand (look at the success of the batman video games), the next movie can kill at the box office without a masterpiece performance from a recently deceased actor.
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