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Favors has excelled for the Jazz and he looks to challenge incumbent starter Paul Millsap at the power forward position next season. Millsap has been dangled as trade bait over the last few seasons and his status on the team is something the Jazz must figure out over the summer.

If Utah feels that Favors is the player they want starting at the four both next year and for many years to come, the time is now to get some value for Millsap via trade. Millsap, who’s scheduled to make $7.2 million next season, is in the final year of his contract.

If Utah does decide to trade Millsap, they must not only get equal value for the steady power forward but also a veteran who can be a quality influence and leader for this young squad.

Another scenario would be keeping both power forwards and going with a bigger lineup by starting Favors at small forward, a la Game Four against the Spurs. Favors had 16 points and 10 rebounds on 50 percent shooting Monday night while Millsap had 19 rebounds and 10 points but needed 17 shots to get there.

Favors is a small forward? Doesn't sound like the FO has dangled Millsap either. They listen to offers as they should with anyone. I'd think Jefferson made the decision on what to do very easy with his comments after game 3. CJ mentions the team wasn't happy about it and I can't imagine anyone is though the local media and fanbase don't seem to mind. You don't want to go to war with someone who has already conceited victory.

Jefferson, Bell, Harris, CJ, Watson and maybe Tinsley(depending on who else they can get) should be gone.
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