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Default Re: What a waster of a year

Originally Posted by TheFan
The hate for Thibs has to stop, the guy has been the best coach in the league for two years... Yes, defense lead to injuries, but run and gun leads to extended minutes from starters, which equals fatigue in the long term, look at the suns.

Also you were doomed as a running team the moment you signed Chandler... IMO, i find pretty awkward for a team to go run and gun with an Amare/Chandler comb on the paint.

IMO, the perfect running team would be with Amare as the center and an athletic SF playing PF.

chandler and amare were on the team when linsanity happened.

Look at the suns? thats why shaq, hill are playing full seasons on that team. Nash still playing awesome at that age. More defense=more injuries. Thats why you need offense to limit the time for playing defense.
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