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Default Re: Amnesty Boozer, sign Hinrich and O.J. Mayo

Originally Posted by Upgrayedd
Taj is ready to start and is going to be way better than Boozer. I say amnesty Boozer, sign Hinrich to come in and start for Rose while Rose gets healthy and sign O.J. Mayo and have him start and Rip Hamilton come off the bench. The only area they'd need to focus on would be finding a backup power forward.



i see another fan wanting to get rid of boozer......i understand the frustration and yes, mayo would be an upgrade at SG. However ..there would be a gaping hole at start PG next season since rose will be out until at least whos gonna start at PG? with watsons struggles against bigger,athletic pgs like JRUE HOLIDAY he wouldnt be a wise choice for next season.......gonna have to to probably change a lot this offseason......korver,watson,brewer, possibly rip can be used in a trade scenario........Gonna be alot of options this offseason.........
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