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Default Re: What a waster of a year

Originally Posted by Smoke117
Man would you stfu. Knick fans trying to gain respect and you just killing it every time you open your sausage mouth. STFU. Let the Knick Fans that weren't hit over the head with cinder blocks as a child try to gain some respect back. Stupid ass mother ****er. You know who played defense, who is commonly considered the greatest perimeter defender of all time? Scottie Pippen. He won six championships. He played till he was 37. Shut your stupid trap. You don't know god damn shit about basketball.

Its just what it is man. I want defense but only if theres offense already in place. Playing defense only is like suicide. Your only window the first year coz you know after one year, your players are fully depreciated grinding it out. Thats why most defensive teams dont become dynasties. The dynastic teams have offense to go along with defense. In that way, they can coast in the regular and only show their higher gear in the playoffs. And that 2nd gear is the defense. And thats where the defense wins championships came from because defense took all the credit coz its the last to come in to complete the puzzle. They forgot that the offense was there first. Its like the last song syndrome. You only remember the last and that last took all the credit. But offense is still more important coz it takes higher IQ to be an offensive genius than a defensive genius.
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