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Default Re: Robert Horry's shot that beat the Kings

Originally Posted by BMOGEFan
What are you arguing here? a long 2 second or horry hitting the a bad 3 ball?

You had an account since 2006 June, with 150~ posts. then you post in here to talk shit.. who are you...rawimpact?

I'm not arguing anything here. You make it seem like there was 2 seconds left, when in reality, there was ALOT more than that. And horry was doing what he usually does, and that's wait for the kickout on a drive... it just didnt happen to be a kickout this time, but a tapout by Vlade.

And yeah, my 150 posts since 2006, i only post to point out the REALLY stupid posts. And knowing ISH, that's saying something about your thread.
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