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Default Re: Robert Horry's shot that beat the Kings

Originally Posted by Moneyshot
I'm not arguing anything here. You make it seem like there was 2 seconds left, when in reality, there was ALOT more than that. And horry was doing what he usually does, and that's wait for the kickout on a drive... it just didnt happen to be a kickout this time, but a tapout by Vlade.

And yeah, my 150 posts since 2006, i only post to point out the REALLY stupid posts. And knowing ISH, that's saying something about your thread.

Why are you posting in here? No one is arguing the length of time since the kobe drive to the tap out to horry. we are talking about being at the wrong place (right place) at the right time.

Horry's shot nor his positioning should not be taught to anyone fundamentally.

If you are not arguing whether its the right play or not, why are you just stating trifling facts.

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