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Default Re: Robert Horry's shot that beat the Kings

Originally Posted by BMOGEFan
so in a 2 point game with less than 2 seconds left on the clock, you have kobe, shaq in the paint, trying to grab the rebound for a quick put back, but instead, a near 7 foot powerforward should step outside to the 3 point line to defend a low percentage chuck?

Horry did not do the right play, but was glorified for it.

No one was in the paint with the intent to get the rebound from the start except for Shaq and even then it may of been for the classic alley oop... it was kobe's drive towards the basket which is why he was in the paint in the first place. When he missed, his and shaq's intention was to tip it in but it went the other way.

PJ drew up the play perfectly, he knew that shaq was going to be doubled and so he went to kobe who eventually drew a group of defenders. If kobe couldn't get a shot up, they had outside perimeter players ready and open. That laker squad was composed of the most "clutch" players during that time, PJ wouldn't hesitate to give any of them a shot at the game winner.

If you think PJ is a fool in how he draws up these last-second plays you lack the mental competence for be apart of such a forum.

And by the way, i'm not the other poster...
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