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Default Re: landry fields vs jr smith

Originally Posted by LABean
I've only trolled once so far.
I guess it was overwhelming.
You're a good loser, btw. Guess you're used to it?

Jk. Really, you're all right.
You and Teanett. Glad Knicks got at least one.

Oh, and Melo ain't gonna go fishing.
He's probably gonna grab a bag of chips.
I try to be pretty reasonable, i think with a fully healthy team we would have lost 4-2. Will be good to finally get a full offseason with our core and Woodson, then we have no excuses next year.

Woody called out Melo and said he wants him to improve his conditioning, so we can only hope.

All the best with the Lakers, ill be rooting for them. Imagine a Kobe/Lebron finals.
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