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Traditionally, the Jazz haven't made much of a splash in free agency. It's hard to lure big names to the Beehive State, even with extra cash. (Sorry, Jazz fans -- players like Ray Allen and Jason Terry are not walking through that door.)

Funny the Jazz were the first to sign Terry as a free agent. They probably want to go for rings but who knows if you give someone a chance for a big role and enough money and security? They'd both certainly be great to see running around screens in the Jazz offense.

Given the Jazz's inconsistent point-guard play in 2012, Dragic could push Devin Harris for the starting job immediately.

LOL! I doubt he signs if he's not starting. He'd make Harris look silly running the offense as Tinsley has.

Ersan Ilyasova

He's a couple years younger than Millsap and has more range but other than that how do they figure? He's going to be paid more than Millsap too at least next season. Only place I'd be looking for young guys is at that the 1. They need vets as the playoffs showed.

Batum's a versatile player who could fill a number of gaps if C.J. Miles and Josh Howard move on.

If CJ moves on? Think it's when not if at this point. I think they need a more seasoned veteran wing to replace Raja with Hayward and Burks already in place maybe a couple if Howard leaves not that they have any chance at Batum.

Rush could fit and might be gettable. He might make some sense.

Novak I say no unless he comes cheap for the end of the bench and I doubt that is happening.

He's stuck behind Kevin Martin (when he's healthy) in Houston, so Lee might prefer a change of scenery and a starting job if he can get one. Houston would probably be inclined to match, though.

Martin seems more likely and maybe a better fit anyway. Lee would be nice but he's restricted and they want to get rid of Martin and keep Lee I think.

Belinelli maybe. Might be had

Carlos Delfino

He might do.

Mo Williams

Don't see him as a great fit though a huge upgrade over Harris. Not worth the price they'd have to pay though. I'd want him coming off the bench of the ball which is where Devin should be.

the Suns have made it clear that they won't bring Nash back to the desert. He'll probably go to a contending team with a chance at a championship. But unlikely though it may be, if the Jazz could land

The Suns haven't made it clear that he won't be back. How do these guys get their jobs?
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