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Default Re: When did slapping hands after every FT become the norm?

Originally Posted by bmulls
They don't want to cut down on time.

More commercials = more $$$
But, there are no commercials during boring free throws! The commercials come during time outs and in between quarters.

Wouldn't they want to get to those faster? And make the game more watchable?

I seriously change the channel almost any time someone is fouled because I know it's going to take 5 minutes to have everyone wander around until they line up at the line correctly, have the ref find the ball and throw it to the free-thrower, have him fiddle with the ball for 8-15 seconds (they don't count anymore) then shoot it, have him slap hands with five teammates (and maybe 'shoot' a practice one/throw it back to the ref if the miss comes to them), have the ref wipe down the ball again and then toss it back to the free thrower, repeat the 8-15 second fiddling, then finally shoot and get the game back underway.

I can't stand it.
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