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Default Re: Most underrated player in the NFL

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
IMO he is the best 3-4 DE/DT in the NFL...

I actually think Suh is overrated, but I shouldn't have compared him I guess beause he is a pure DT. I would still take Campbell over Suh in a heartbeat, esp with the personality issues in there.

Ngata and Smith are better comparisons

Dallas played both Arizona and the 9ers last year...Calais completely wrecked shit (as he did with every team he faced). I went into that game wanting to focus on Peterson...but Campbell quickly turned into my focal point.

Justin Smith was amazing last year but he is 32 now...Campbell is a no brainer over him right now I think

Ngata has the best arguement...still just 28, oversized versatile freak...he has never had 6 sacks in his career though...Campbell had 8 last year, 6 before that, and 7 before that...with just as many tackles

stats might not tell the whole story, but Campbell gets more than Ngata

I don't see how it isn't at least argueable that Campbell is the best 3-4 DE/DT in the NFL...that isn't going overboard at all.

you saying that it is going overboard shows how underrated this guy is IMO

First Suh is overrated? Funny, but I know where that crap stems from. Moving on. Second you're sitting there tossing around stats in the Campbell/Ngata comparison. My issue with that? When did you become a person who has watched Campbell enough to defend these stats you toss around? Yesterday? I've literally seen you talk up Ngata on here. I've never seen you mention Campbell until yesterday. So to say you're not going overboard is silly to me. Its like you discovered this guy and now want to go around arguing on his behalf. Hilarious to me. And no I dont mean you have no clue who this player is. But he's been in the league for 4 seasons and through all the football talk here? I've never seen you toss his name out there. We've had DPOY arguments. We had best DE and DT arguments. Where was his name from your fingertips? I dont get it.
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