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Default Realistic or not? Getting Josh Smith...

Josh Smith is a young, athletic and extremely talented young forward for the Atlanta Hawks. Already at the age of 26 he has established himself as one of the leagues top defensive and rebounding players.

In the 2012 season he averaged 18.8 ppg 9.6 rpg 3.9 apg 1.4 spg and 1.7 bpg. If you ever watched this guy play his impact goes beyond his stats. He is a presence on the court with or with out the ball. He can always do something productive.

One more notable aspect of Josh Smith's 2011-2012 season is that he requested a trade from the Atlanta Hawks.

Atlanta is known as a small market team that built its way up through drafts and is a very very undesirable place for free agent super stars to sign. Its very rare for a super star to evaluate every option and say "You know what, Atlanta is too good to pass up."

This is why the Hawks must believe they have no shot at retaining Josh Smith after the 2012-2013 season (the last on Smiths contract) or even consider themselves players in the 2013 free agency for a suitable replacement.

The smart thing for an organization like the Hawks...(assuming they want to stay as competitive as they are now...which why wouldnt they? They just got out of the dumpster....) would be to trade Josh Smith for a super star forward with a long enough contract to keep them competitive for a few years.

Any team have that available?

The Knicks should.

In the 2011-2012 season Amar'e Stoudemire averaged less across the board then Josh Smith INCLUDING POINTS. A known and feared scorer only scoring 17 ppg?

And thats not even mentioning that he is an average rebounder and horrendous defender.

The only time Amar'e can make a true impact is when he is the go to guy and has the ball in his hand. Unfortunetly for him, we have one of those named Carmelo Anthony.

What I am saying is that Josh Smith would be a much much better fit for this team then Amar'e Stoudemire because he can be effective with or with out the ball and on both ends of the floor.

What I am asking is if it is realistic to believe that around the trade deadline next season the Knicks could trade Amar'e Stoudemire for Josh Smith?

The Hawks replace a star who isnt coming back with a star who will be there for a few years and probably be more effective because he will be focused on more on offense in Atlanta....and the Knicks get to improve their team.

What do you think?
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