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Default Re: Most underrated player in the NFL

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
that is BEYOND subjective stat making...just like all of PFF's articles/stats

PFF is so subjective that they gave Calais an extra sack...9, instead of the NFL which gave him cred for 8

they also labeled Suggs a DE

and the "best" list are players with a max of 8 sacks...where Campbell would have been number 21.

and aren't "hurries" a part of "pressures" ?

QBI %...yeah okay lol...I guess Carlos Dunlap is the most disruptive DE in the NFL according to that %

Why so defensive?

Alson find it funny you dismiss stats but somehow the 8 sacks Campbell has means more than Ngata not having more sacks. Even tho Ngata has impacted the defense easily. I believe first week of the NFL season he has 2-3 forced fumbles. But hey he's 2 sacks short of Campbell, therefore we'd go Campbell > Ngata. Ok.

Do I put a ton of stock in the link I posted? No
Do I get a kick out of you spinning other peoples stats when you have been stat slinging in here? Hell yea.

Continue going overboard bro.

Question, why didnt you have the guy in the DPOY race?
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