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Default Re: Most underrated player in the NFL

Jason Babin has 30.5 sacks over 2 seasons. Trent Cole has 21. Cole is a better DE than Babin. 9 sacks short at that.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Sacks shouldn't be subjective..."hurries and pressures" (what is the difference?) def are...that is what I was saying

I don't know how the hell they gave him credit for an extra sack, how do you do that?...the QB either got tackled or he didn't

I had Allen winning DPOY because of the sack record and being a big way Calais had a shot, he didn't even get a all pro nod

Ngata was a DPOY candidate. Campbell never was. Yet he's better than Ngata. Interesting.

My point is during the season we all threw out candidates often premature lists. And you never listed dude. But now, you did some fantasy football stuff and you're a fan. Just weird but whatever.

I just cant buy into what you're selling. He's a very good player no doubt. But all of a sudden he emerged as this guy you have a boner for now? Come on, overboard.

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