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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

And even though this is very, very far fetched, I wonder how high a pick we could get if we package stuckey, with some picks. Stuckey and future 1st picks, would say Portland at pick#6 be interested? Because I would love to have in this draft a high enough pick to draft Beal and then take Henson with our #9. Or, trade Stuckey and a 2nd rounder for say Portlands pick #11, and with #9 and #11 draft lamb and henson. Either way, Stuckey has had the keys to this franchise for about 4 years now and really has shown he can't be a true 1 or a true 2. Whilst very talented, I would prefer heading into the future with:

PG - Knight
SG - Beal / Lamb
SF - Prince
PF - Henson
C - Monroe

With that lineup, we have the youngest crop of talent in the entire NBA, and in 3 years time, we are a top 3 team in the east...

I am a dreamer....

But seriously, what do you think we could get for Stuckey and future picks?...
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