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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

OK - I hear ya mate, totally agree with Daye and Jerebko's playing time. Damn, how many guys have the skill set Daye has at his 6'10 size? Give the kid a chance, and Jerebko should of been starting when he came back from injury, not maxiell....

But on Stuckey, I am a huge fan, but how long do we keep on with him? I feel that we have stuck (no pun intended) with him for long enough now, and just like the idea of getting someone who is more of a traditional SG, who is 5 years younger, who's ceiling is yet to be determined, who will compliment Knight better, such as one of the two guards I mentioned?... I guess you could look at it either way... I think I am just over waiting for Stuckey to become an absolute beast like I have been predicting for the past 4 years...

But I guess if you look at it like:
Stuckey + future 1st + lets say Henson
Beal / Lamb + Henson...

I guess I am just a sucker for traditional 2 guards, but lets be honest, this aint happening....

I am more than happy to move on with Stuckey, but he needs to become more consistent, and even more potent, to be a real go to guy...
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